What training have you had as chefs?

No formal training. We are not professional chefs. We are self-taught home cooks who run this blog as a fun hobby. If you don’t like some of our recipes, we’re sorry…we like them.

Why don’t you have ads on your site?

We haven’t found the right company to advertise with yet, and haven’t the time or knowledge to run our own ads. We might place ads on our site in the future, but for now, enjoy the lack of clutter.

Do you sell your recipes?

Absolutely not. Our recipes are original, and if they aren’t, sources are sited on the related post. The content of this blog is copyrighted, therefore, publishing our recipes elsewhere without our consent is illegal. If you are interested in featuring one of our recipes elsewhere, please contact us first.

What is your privacy policy regarding my information?

When you post a comment, we can see your name and e-mail address, but do not give this information out to third parties. We wouldn’t want our information leaked to strangers, so we’ll do our best to not leak yours! We try to keep all information as private as possible!

What dangers are there to using your website?

Please use our website at your own risk. We only post recipes that we personally enjoy. If you feel that a technique is too advanced, please do not attempt it. If you are allergic to certain ingredients we use, please do not use them. None of our content should be used as medical advice. Our number one concern is your wellbeing, so please be smart when cooking our recipes, using suggested ingredients, etc. We are not liable for any injuries or damages that may occur due to use of this website.

Will you work with our company?

We love working with other companies! Occasionally, we will feature sponsored posts by a company providing us compensation for the post with full disclosure of this to our readers. However, the views and opinions of this blog are our own and will not be influenced by compensation. We don’t lie to our reader, and will provide honest reviews of products and services based on our own opinions.

If your company is interested in us developing recipes, hosting giveaways, placing ads, reviewing products, and more, please contact us so we can further discuss these opportunities.

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