Wow. We have some pretty creative blog followers. Your comments this time around were hilarious! Alright, here is how we picked a winner. We used the Random Sequence Generator from, entered in the numbers 1-31, and the first number listed won! Here is a screen shot of the list:


Congrats to our winner, Leslie! Please contact us at to claim your prize.

Thanks for entering, everyone! We will have another giveaway soon, so check back often.

  1. endure

  2. Pam McGlone02.08.2011 at 10:36 pmReplyEdit

    I Luv U!

  3. hot stuf

  4. Abigail S.02.08.2011 at 11:31 pmReplyEdit

    Darlin’ [I do live in the south after all :) ]

  5. <3
    N S W E ( In other words Love You Always)

  6. I totally thought that meant 6 words…not characters. ha!


  7. Allison Parisi02.09.2011 at 4:18 pmReplyEdit


    (Tim and Alley Together Forever)

    It’s been our thing for well…..7 years lol

  8. Laugh

    It’s good for all!

  9. Todd? Mrs Tod? Happy? PUGGLE!!!

  10. UR Hot

  11. Lindsey Lang02.11.2011 at 6:49 pmReplyEdit

    As in, give me these spoonulas. Because I love taking your stuff.

  12. FULL

    lanzaelizabeth77 at gmail dot com

  13. Mom Ostercamp02.13.2011 at 3:21 pmReplyEdit

    dkchoc – the best thing about Valentines!!

  14. KISSME

  15. Sophia Juarez02.14.2011 at 3:49 pmReplyEdit



  16. Thanks!

    Because you can never display good manners often enough:).

  17. Jenna Han02.15.2011 at 8:45 pmReplyEdit


  18. Emily McDonnell02.16.2011 at 2:22 pmReplyEdit

    I <3 U!

  19. TruLuv :)

  20. EAT ME

  21. abig smith02.23.2011 at 8:34 amReplyEdit


    a powerful thing :)

  22. doughmesstic02.23.2011 at 11:07 amReplyEdit

    Okay, MUST HAVE. But let’s see. On a heart, I would write…I FORGIVE YOU. No, wait. I LOVE YOU ANYWAY. Nope, try again. How about “Suck it, I’m out?” – WOw. I’m in a mood! :)

  23. Katie Noel02.24.2011 at 8:37 amReplyEdit


  24. Samantha02.24.2011 at 1:49 pmReplyEdit

    I would write the ever so popular facebook phrase: “LIKE”

  25. gimme 1

  26. ILUVUS