Ahh… fall has arrived in North Carolina. This weekend, we spent some time catching up with our very dear friend, Abby. Abby and I have known each other since (literally) we were born. We’re family friends. She just moved to a different part of North Carolina, and this weekend she came to visit. It was like a little bit of home greeted us as she arrived on our doorstep. While Neil was in a day-long rehearsal, us ladies headed to the farmer’s market. In the chilly, drizzly weather we sipped our coffee and bought carrots, sweet potatoes, cinnamon streusel, and apples. The nice farmer selling the apples convinced us that the specific variety (which for the life of me I CANNOT remember) was perfect for fall baking. Using the apple pie recipe from the Bon Appetit dessert compilation, we rolled up our sleeves and dove hands first into autumn. The giggles, smiles, and meaningful conversation made the baking time fly by. Neil arrived home from his rehearsal and was welcomed by the aroma of a fresh, rustic apple pie cooling in the sunroom. It was the perfect beginning to a wonderful season.