Okay, who is still in a food coma? Raise your hand. MAN our meal was great. We sustained a few battle wounds… and maybe a small oven fire… (okay, just a few flames for a second), but with the help of loved ones, we managed to make the most delicious meal this little kitchen has ever produced. We’ll share a few other recipes throughout the coming weeks that you can use at Christmas time or file away for next year. The first thing we’d like to share with you are these AMAZING easy to make parker house rolls.

The following link to the recipe is NOT ours. I repeat, we did not create any of this recipe. We just want you to know that it’s hands down the best roll recipe we’ve had. Ever. Homemade, delicious, light and fluffy parker rolls with a touch of sweet in the dough and topped with flaky sea salt and melted butter make them quite possibly the most addicting carbs ever. Not only did my brother in law make a batch of these on Thanksgiving, but he made a second round the day after for delectable turkey sandwiches. Bon Appétit is not sponsoring us to say this, but if you really want to give a good gift this year, share their magazine with a friend. Their recipes are fool proof and always delicious. Here is their perfect parker roll recipe:

Parker House Rolls: Bon Appétit