A fun project for the whole family, this show-stopping cake is easy, festive, and delicious!


2 boxes of your favorite cake mix (you can pick two flavors if you’d like)
2 16 oz. cans of vanilla frosting
1 7 oz. package sweetened shredded coconut
6 chocolate mint dessert sticks
2 full sized Oreo cookies
2 blue candy melts
1 package (1.69 oz. size) M&Ms
Red food coloring
1 candy corn
2 packages (1 oz. size) of mini Oreo cookies


For each cake mix, follow the instructions for the two 8″ rounds. (You’ll have four 8″ rounds once you’ve baked both mixes.) Let all four cakes cool completely on a cooling rack.

Cover a large serving tray with foil. Place one of the rounds at the very bottom of the tray. Then, cut the next cake around the edges so it is slightly smaller than the bottom round, and place directly above the bottom round. Cut another cake around the edges so it becomes the smallest circle, and place directly above the medium-sized round. Cut a hat shape out of the fourth cake (not pictured), and place directly above the smallest circle.

Spread an even layer of vanilla frosting on all parts of the cake. If your family enjoys coconut, sprinkle shredded coconut over the entire snowman. (One of the Newlywed Chefs is not a huge fan of coconut, so we only sprinkled coconut at the base of the snowman.)

Then, decorate your cake with candy and Oreos (kids will love this part) so it resembles a snowman.

For our snowman cake, we crumbled one package of mini Oreos and covered the hat (not pictured). We placed two regular sized Oreos on the small circle for the eyes, then applied a bit of frosting on the back of blue candy melts and pressed them to the Oreos, topping those candy melts with another small dab of frosting and blue M&Ms.

To create the scarf, mix 1/4 cup of frosting and 4 drops of red food coloring in a small bowl. Using a small knife, or end of a lollipop stick, spread the frosting in desired shape on the snowman and also onto the foil.

Set the candy corn in the middle of the small circle for a nose, place red M&Ms on the small circle to form a smile, and be sure to give your snowman mini-Oreo buttons on the medium circle. Add 3 dessert sticks on each side of the medium circle to create stick-like arms.

Get creative with the decorations, and have fun with this one!