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With all the talk of Olympic medals this week, we have been evaluating the metals in our kitchen. Stainless steel, aluminum, and copper all perform well, but the gold medal metal in our kitchen goes to: cast iron. Cast iron has been around forever. Lodge began making their cast iron products in 1896. Enduring that test of time suggests it’s reliability.  Here are the reasons why we love our cast iron products so much:

-Cast iron heats quickly and evenly.

-No harsh chemicals (PFOA, etc.) are released as you cook. In fact, we’ve read that a small amount of iron is released when you cook, which is good for you.

-They last virtually forever.

-They’re versatile: cast iron pans work equally as well on the stove top, in the oven, or out on the grill.

-From our experience, they’re easy to clean. If well kept and seasoned properly, cast iron is non-stick!

-They’re inexpensive in comparison to other pots and pans.

Cooking in a cast iron pan also oddly adds some sort of rustic atmosphere to the cooking experience. Keeping your cast iron pan well seasoned is key to ensuring it’s long and happy cooking life. From freshly baked rolls to fried chicken, cast iron is guaranteed to get the job done well every time.