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10. It saves time! Instead of chopping for half an hour, simply toss your raw fruits and vegetables into the processor, and boom- the work is done for you! Great for quick weeknight meals.

9. Dough is a snap to make with the dough blade!

8. You can use the food processor to slice and shred vegetables, again, saving you time and perhaps doing a more thorough job.

7. It’s easy to clean.

6. Dip, hummus, and other party dishes are ready in minutes before guests arrive.

5. Baby food and purees can be made from home.

4. A lot of recipes call for a food processor now a day.

3. It looks impressive.

2. Most have a 3-5 year warrenty, and by that time you’ll probably be drooling over the latest model.

1. It is used at least once a week in The Newlywed Chef’s household, and probably about half our recipes. We love ours!