The facts:

  • Vanilla extract from the grocery store is more expensive.
  • Vanilla extract from the grocery store may include artificial ingredients.
  • Vanilla extract from the grocery store comes in small amounts.
  • You can do better than vanilla extract from the grocery store.

After doing some research on how to make homemade vanilla extract, we found that most recipes are pretty similar. We decided to try Martha Stewart’s recipe. Even though glass jars seem to be the most common vessle for storing homemade vanilla extract, we thought they would be difficult to pour. So, we decided to use oil & vinegar bottles that we found at World Market, which is actually where we found vanilla beans for the best price. If you’re making these for other people, be sure to add a label that includes directions and bottle/use dates.


1 cup vodka
2 whole vanilla beans


Split vanilla beans lengthwise, exposing the caviar. Place beans in a bottle or jar, and add 1 cup of vodka. Gently shake the bottle.

Store in a cool, dry, place and shake extract once a week. Extract will be ready for use after 8 weeks, and will only get more potent with time.

After each use, top the vanilla with a bit more vodka, so the extraction process can begin once more.