First, we’ll show you how we chose the winner. Each eligible entry was assigned a number, given chronologically depending on when the comment was written:

  1. abby smith01.13.2011 at 7:35 amReplyEdit


  2. Jordan P01.13.2011 at 8:40 amReplyEdit

    Mine would probably have to be tuna fish sandwiches!!

  3. mac & cheese!

  4. Katie Noel01.13.2011 at 10:46 amReplyEdit

    anything pasta!

  5. Steak! mmmmmm :)

  6. chocolate!

  7. Cajun red beans & rice with andouille sausage. I am always in the mood for that!

  8. Hmmm. Peppermint Bark?

  9. If I were stranded on an island for the rest of my life, I hope it would be an island of perfect peaches. And the ocean was made of vanilla ice cream. OR dark-chocolate covered almonds/fruits. Too many answers? All I can think about in reality is THAT PEPPERMINT BARK! I NEED IT!

  10. lestephens@cmh.edu01.14.2011 at 10:35 amReplyEdit

    Anything Italian…lasagna!

  11. raspberries and chocolate

  12. Lays Classic Potato Chips:)

  13. Cosmos!

  14. Tacos.

  15. Carol Fleming01.19.2011 at 10:48 amReplyEdit

    I have often thought about this question……

    Spaghetti……and peppermint bark!

    Carol F

  16. Grilled cheese sandwiches!

  17. steak and chocolate of course

  18. Spanakopita, yum!

  19. Anything with fruit. I could get quite creative with this ;-)

  20. texannie01.19.2011 at 6:24 pmReplyEdit


  21. Teressa H01.19.2011 at 7:32 pmReplyEdit


  22. Sourdough bread

  23. Pam Mc from Ohio01.19.2011 at 10:35 pmReplyEdit

    Potatoes any way shape or form!! I’ve never met a potato that I didn’t like and that didn’t like me back!

  24. either brownie batter…i know, i know, not healthy and maybe gross to some people…but it’s heavenly to me! :-)

  25. Veggies – I love them roasted, stir-fried… I cant get enough of them !

  26. Potatoes: mashed, fried, hashbrowns, ect. I could never get tired of them.

  27. Mixed berry smoothies: even if I get old and lose all my teeth, I can still have them all day!

  28. Nichole Cianci01.21.2011 at 1:13 pmReplyEdit


Then, we went to and used their Sequence Generator to put the numbers 1 through 28 in order. The winner is the number the Generator listed first. Here is a screen shot of the list:

As you can see, the winner is…..

#26: Jenny.

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