Berry Pom Smoothies

Berry Smoothie

To me, schedules are necessary to maximize productivity and encourage time management throughout my day. From estimating dinner prep time to setting aside time to just relax, having a schedule has just always been something I enjoy. However, as many of your know, sometimes schedules can get pretty crammed. And sometimes, I just have to throw the well planned schedule out the window and “roll with it.” It’s so easy to think that there aren’t enough hours in the day, and I have to remind myself constantly that there actually are enough hours, and if I plan well, I will get everything accomplished with time to spare.

Not sure about you guys, but I always think that I don’t have enough time for smoothies. Whenever I think of making a smoothie, something inside says, “That sounds really nice. Delicious and even healthy! But… you’ll have to clean the blender, so why not just grab that quick donut over there?” Ugg. Honestly. I do have time for smoothies. And many other things. Making smoothies on the weekend when I have a little extra time and storing them in small mason jars makes my workweek breakfasts a breeze.

It makes me wonder what else I have time for. Hmm…rock climbing? Embroidery?

The frozen strawberries add enough of a chill that ice is really not needed. Non-fat greek yogurt paired with the pomegranate juice makes these smoothies a healthy way to kick start your day. Also, this is a great smoothie to make the days leading up to Valentine’s a little bit sweeter, and you won’t feel guilty eating the truffles that are coming your way.

…Did somebody say truffles? Stay tuned.

Berry Pom Smoothies

Prep Time: 5 min. Cook time: 0 min.

Inspired By: Bake Your Day Banana-Berry Smoothie


2.5 cups pomegranate juice

12 oz. frozen strawberries

1 banana

1 cup 0% fat plain greek yogurt


Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve cold and enjoy!

Makes 32 ounces.


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Comments (4)

  • Ooo! I love the pomegranate juice. This sounds amazing!

    The Newlywed Chefs 5 years ago Reply

    Thanks, girl! Your delicious smoothies reminded me that I NEVER make smoothies and should give it a whirl. Glad I did!

  • This is my kind of smoothie! I love pomegranate juice!

    The Newlywed Chefs 5 years ago Reply

    Glad you came by, Jessica! Pomegranate juice is wooonderful and really adds a nice flavor to this smoothie!

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